Great Dane Pitbull Mix – Everything You Need To Know

Great Dane Pitbull Mix is among the most common dog breeds in the US. The Great Dane Pitbull Mix (GDPM) is a mixed breed dog resulting from cross-breeding the giant Great Dane with the energetic, loving, and caring American PitBull Terrier.

It’s classified as terriers because they are non-sporting, so they can be used as good guard dogs. The quality of a Great Dane Pitbull Mix depends on how much it inherits from the parent breeds.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix is regarded as one of the tallest and largest dog breeds. However, despite their big size, Great Danes are absolute lovie-dovies, also referred to as ” big gentle giants.”

What is the lifespan of a Great Danebulls?

Unlike other breeds like Goodendoodle and baby husky, Great Danes have a shorter life span. They can live up to seven to ten years, But if kept with proper care, they can stay up to 14 to 16 years; they can live longer than their parent, with a life expectancy of seven years.

What is the cost of a Great Danebull?

Great Danebull is a less expensive dog. The cost of Great Danebull Mix puppies ranges between $400 to $800. Great Danes and Pitbull are commonly used as pets, not for competitions and shows.

Great Danebull health challenges

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a major problem with giant dogs, including this mixed breed.

This breed is healthy but can be inherited from the parent breed. You can get the parent’s medical records to avoid the risk of adopting a pup with one of these health issues.

Hip Dysplasia is a genetic ailment that causes severe changes in the hip joint.


Great Dane breed is susceptible to getting several different cancers, especially bone. This comes more from the parent Great Dane side. If detected early, cancer can be completely treated using chemotherapy or amputation of the affected parts. If you notice any sign of this ailment, visit the veterinary doctor early.


Another health issue that Great Danes face is bloat. This is formally called gastric dilatation volvulus, a severe health challenge that must be attended to

quickly. Bloat leads to increased stomach gas and twisting, resulting in the twisting of the blood vessels. This can lead to stomach death, the release of toxins, and shock if not detected and treated early.


This health condition can be hereditary. Great Danes are one of the dogs affected by this health challenge. This is a heart disease in dogs, causing irregular heartbeats. It can come about quickly and cause the dog to collapse, faint, or die.

You can control this health condition via proper medication.

How Much Should I feed my Great Danebull?

Great Danebull needs 4 cups of dry, rich dog food.  You should split meals into small portions to prevent indigestion and bloating. The quantity of food to feed your dog depends on the breed, age, size, and physical activity. Smaller dogs eat lesser than the giant dog breed.

What is the best food for Great Danebull?

Experts recommend you should feed your Great Danebull food with natural ingredients manufactured under the recognized regulatory bodies.

The food should be free from unhealthy preservatives and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Go for dog food with glucosamine to support your pup’s joint health.

The essential thing about feeding your Great Dane Pitbull Mix is to note their allergies. Great Danes’ parents are allergic to grains; there is a good chance that their pups are also hypersensitive to grains.

Thus, choose grain-free dog food because grains can cause serious skin issues such as itchy or dry skin. Some producers substitute grains with pumpkins and sweet potatoes. You can also learn to give your dog food rich in flaxseeds, these are seeds rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It can help enhance eyes and brain development, reduce inflammation and prevent dryness and itchiness.

To minimize the cost of maintaining and feeding your dog its vital to learn how to feed your dog with homemade food instead of dog food.

However, to know the best type of food for your dog, it is imperative to seek advice from your veterinary doctor or canine nutritionist.

How to Groom Great Danebull Mix?

Great Danebulls possess a short but glossy, dense, and smooth coat and require very little grooming. Brushing their skin once or twice a week would be okay to keep tangles and mats away.

The second grooming component is bathing your Great Danebull every month. Because it’s a short-coated breed, it doesn’t need much bath time. Brushing its coat before soaking it in water is advisable. Do not bathe Danebull more than once every month as too much bathing could strip them of their natural body oils which are vital for coat health and good skin.

Another essential tip about bathing your Great Danebulls is to use lukewarm water; they don’t have long coats and don’t easily tolerate water or cold weather. Make sure you dry them immediately after you finish bathing your dog. If you have a young Danebull but are unsure how to bathe him, visit a vet to learn how to bathe a puppy.

Great Danebull Exercise Needs

The great Pitbull Dane breed is energetic and requires about 30 – 40 minutes of physical exercise. To give this physical exercise to your pup, you can take your dog out for short walks or playtime sessions in your area.

Because of their giant size, it’s often misunderstood that the breed might need some hours of exercise. But surprisingly, the Great Danebull doesn’t need much.

Are Great Dane Pitbull Mixes Good as Family Pets?

Great Danebulls make a good family pet. They might look awful and intimidating, but like their parents, they are affectionate and gentle. Great Dane Pitbull Mix is friendly with other pets and strangers. That said, you are strongly advised not to leave them alone with little children or other pets.

What is the cost of maintaining a Great Danebull puppy?

Let’s look at the expenses of having a Great Danebull mix. Beginning with the adoption price, the Dane Pitbull mix puppy costs approximately $500.

His collar, leash, collar, and crate will cost you around $250 to $600. Also, $480 to $600 can be estimated for the annual medical costs; this includes checkups,  flea prevention, and vaccinations.

Advantages  of Having a Great Danebull

  • Friendly with other family pets
  • Loved by kids
  • Can be used as a watchdog
  • Low maintenance grooming
  • Cuddle buddy
  • Very attentive
  • Likes  visitors
  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Easy-going
  • Clingy
  • Energetic
  • Intelligent
  • Hate being left alone
  • Playful and like exercises

Disadvantages of owing a Great Danebull

  • Not a perfect guard dog
  • Sheds occasionally
  • Can be easily affected by anxiety
  • Requires at least one hour of exercise daily.

In Conclusion

Affectionate, Loving, and loyal Great Dane Pitbulls are for persons who desire a dog with undivided attention. This giant dog loves care and attention and always wants to be around its family.

This desire for attention implies he does not make a good pup with families who hardly be at home as they can be infected with anxiety.

This fun-loving breed makes an awesome family dog; your children and pets will love it. Due to the dog’s large size, parents must watch kids when playing with the dog. It’s full of energy and needs a lot of time devoted to exercise, whether going out for a run or playing fetch. They do best with families with large yards for the dog to run.

If you can give a lot of care and attention to your Great Danebull, they can make an awesome addition to your family.


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