How to Train a Puppy to Know Its Name

Choosing the right name for your new dog can be a challenging task. Is she more of a canny or Kate? You have tried many names but can’t come up with a suitable one.

Is your pup responding after calling her? What’s the essence of choosing the perfect name if your dog doesn’t even know it is hers? Once you find a perfect name for her, the next task is to teach her how to respond to it.

Training a pup to know its name is essential in welcoming your new member into the family. With patience, this process can be an excellent way to bond with your new pup.

In addition, having your dog respond to her name can help gain her attention during training sessions and protect her from future danger. If you like to train your dog to avoid other dogs, you must train him to answer her name when you call her.

Puppies can learn to recognize their name fast if you train them properly.

When choosing your puppy’s new name, remember a few things. Generally, dogs will easily respond better to short names of not more than two syllables.

Ensure you avoid names that can confuse, such as names that sound similar to commands. While you should start in a distraction-free space, you want to practice calling your dog’s name in multiple areas.

You will need some of your puppy’s best treats, and for some training methods, you will also need a training leash and collar.

Always call your puppy’s name in a clear and happy command tone. You must not scold your pup if she doesn’t come to you right away.


Remember you are building a relationship with your new friend and want her excited to respond to her name.

The Chase Trick Method 1

Step 1. Find a good distraction-free environment

For more energetic puppies, a good trick for training them is to make them chase you whenever you call their names.

You should begin this in an area where you have a large space to run, and there be any distractions.

Step 2. Run And Run

Canines love to chase things a lot. Start running away from her while calling her name in an energetic voice. She will chase you. But If she doesn’t, show her you have a treat.

Step 3. Let your pup catch you

While running, call her name and let her catch you, praise her for the good job done and give her a nice treat.

Step 4. More chase

Let your puppy’s attention be distracted from you, and then repeat this process. Call her by her name and run away; let her chase you for longer before stopping and praising her for following you.

Step 5. Call your dog’s name without running

Periodically, you should test to ensure your puppy recognizes her name, not just chase you for fun. While standing, call her name and see if she will run to meet you. If not, she needs more training and practice.

Step 6. Add a few distractions

Once your puppy grabs the trick of responding to her new name, you should add some little distractions. Practice in a noisy and busy area, or try throwing a toy at the same time you call her name. You want her to respond to her name even in chaotic conditions, as doing so can protect her from future dangerous situations.

The Name Game Trick Method 2

Step 1. Place your pup on a leash

Look for an area with lots of space, such as the park or a backyard, and put her on a leash. You want a good distance between the two of you, so you should use a 10-foot training leash.

Step 2. Call your puppy’s name

Give your puppy about five feet off a leash and let her walk around for a little while. When you notice her attention is not with you, call her name with a sweet, exciting voice to ensure she comes to you.

Step 3. Reward her after every successful response

You need to reward her with a nice treat whenever your pup responds and gets to you. The reason for this is to help her respond to her name with a good result.

Step 4. Reinforce the behavior

Repeat this step in short sessions until your puppy consistently responds to her name. Always have it in mind that if you practice in a public area, you have to be at your best to make her respond to you whenever you call her name.

Step 5. Repeat the process without the leash

Once you notice your puppy responds to her name, form the habit of calling her when she can not see you.

 If your pup doesn’t respond to her name when she can’t see you, then keep practicing on the leash until she does.

Step 6. Reward her

In the beginning, it is essential to reward your puppy every time she responds appropriately to her name. Once you are sure she understands the trick, begin offering her a treat less often until you only praise her with affection.


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