Why Does My Dog Walk And Poop?

Have you ever asked yourself why did your dog walk and poo at the same time? The reasons for this depend on the type of dog and the condition that warranted this act.

So there is no specific answer for this, so it could be one of the numerous reasons I will discuss below.

Sometimes it may be a physical reason, and you may want assistance from an expert.

11 Reasons A Dog Might Walk and Poop At The Same Time

1. Diet

One of the most essential duties of a dog parent is to ensure you’re feeding your dog healthy, high-quality food.

You must avoid unnecessary, cheap fillers and ensure artificial preservatives are healthy ways to keep your dog’s bowel habits running smoothly.

Pet owners have many options for dog food; the cleaner the dogs’ food, the better for their health.

2. Anxiety

This is probably why many dogs do it, as concluded by veterinarians.

Since your dog normally poops when you are on walks and going to new places, the fear she feels keeps her walking.

In her mind being still may mean exposing herself to more danger that can harm her.

This is common in pups with abusive pasts. So, they always need to be “on watch.” When she keeps walking, it makes her feel safer.

There may not be a fix for this, so you must deal with it. If your dog is notoriously anxiety-ridden or if you recently adopted an abused pup, you may notice this as part of their behavior.

3. Being too Excited

Most pet owners have dealt with their pup peeing while excited, but it can occur with their bowels, too.

Bowel movement while walking is usually linked with puppies because they find it difficult to control their emotions, but it’s also been known to occur with older dogs.

If this is an issue, try to remedy the problem by taking them outside to empty their bowels prior to an exciting event, such as having company or going for a walk.

4. Upset Belly Or Constipation

Constipation is another big one.

When your dog (or even you) walks, it helps get those bowels moving properly and can help that feeling of bloat and constipation.

If your dog has constipation, the additional walking while pooping might be how he moves things through his body system.

If your dog has diarrhea, it can also cause them to poop a lot when they walk. Because their bowel is loose and runny, they may seem “leak out” while walking.

5. Stuck Poop

It happens to all of us. Sometimes all our poop does not make it out. Maybe they have a loose stool left hanging or a harder poop close to being out but a bit stuck.

If you observe any loose poop dangling from their butt, walking may help dislodge it.

If they get frustrated enough, they might also scoot their butts on the grass to get it out. Dog breeds with longer hair might have special issues if some poop gets stuck to their fur.

6. Weakness Or Muscle Pain

If your dog has muscle soreness or hip issues, squatting to release the bowels can be a painful and unpleasant experience.

You may not realize how hard it is and how much strength a dog needs to stay in the poop position.

They may realize that walking and pooping are much easier and pain-free. Older and bigger dogs tend to develop a painful condition of the hip joint known as hip dysplasia. This is felt mainly by overweight dogs, so you need to get rid of the excess fat in your pup.

For older dogs, it can be quite a challenging task. So she would go for some seconds, then stop, she would walk some steps and then poop a bit more.

It could be other health issues if your dog is not an older dog. They may have arthritis, a pulled muscle, or an ACL injury you are unaware of.

If the walking and pooping behavior is new, then you must look to see if there is any discomfort happening that is keeping your dog moving. If you suspect your dog has hip problems, a trip to your veterinarian is a must.

7. Marking Their Territory

Sometimes a dog may want to mark his territory by simply walking while pooping.

If they poop in one place, it only tells other dogs, “Hey, this is my area.” But if they walk and poop, leaving droppings along the way, they say, “hey, all this is my area.”

Would you want your scent left in one small area or several small areas to let others know you own the place

8. Puppyhood

Some dogs might have learned this act as a pup. Maybe they had an accident in the house, and either they or their owner would take them mid-poop to a proper pooping area.

This may be “training” them to move while they are in mid-poop. You should change that behavior with some training if this is the case.

9. It’s Just How They Roll

Sometimes, there is just no reason. A dog wants to “doo” what they want to “doo”! If this is the case, let them poop as they wish and go on with your walk.

Just like all human beings are unique, so are dogs. Allow your dogs to be who they are and embrace their uniqueness!

Some dogs want to dump and move. Others want to dump a little and go away from one business to another in a cleaner area.

10. Alerting to Danger

Dogs communicate with each other through smells and, you guessed it, their poop. A dog may walk and poop if he’s picking up on a predator that is nearby or has been nearby.

By pooping to release the scent from the anal glands, it can alert another dog to be on the lookout. Who would have thought?

11. Long or Hard stool

If the stool your dog is attempting to expel is excessively long or not all the poop comes out, it’s common to notice dogs walking and pooping.

The same thing occurs if the feces become trapped in the fur as the dog takes a dump.

By walking, your dog is attempting to dislodge the waste. Your furry buddy may scoot their bottoms on the grass to remove the poop if they become sufficiently frustrated.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Walking and Pooping?

If this is the first time you’ve noticed this behavior, it could be a sign of a medical concern.

Consider taking your pup for a check-up for any condition, from constipation to something more serious, such as a torn ligament.

You should notice that their defecation behavior returns to normal once they see a veterinarian and receive treatment.

If your dog has exhibited this habit since you brought them home, it may be more challenging to change.

Additionally, as previously said, it can be a learned or innate behavior. You should contact a trainer to see if they have suggestions for changing the behavior.

However, is it genuinely critical to correct the behavior? While waiting for them to empty themselves every few minutes on a stroll can be irritating, it may be wiser to “let it go” unless there is a medical reason.

Allow them to poop in whichever manner they like.

Final Thoughts

A pup walking and pooping at the same time is not something to worry about.

You may never know the major reason your dog does this behavior, but as long as you do not see signs of illness, there is nothing bad with letting them enjoy a poop while walking.


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